The Twitch spotlight is a weekly feature which takes a look at what’s happening on Twitch, which games are hot at the moment, and shines a light on players that are up and coming.


The first Might & Magic Heroes VII beta live stream with developers happened on May 21.

The world gameplay premiere of Total War: ARENA took place on May 23.



With the Witcher 3 having been released a week ago, Twitch is filled with gamers streaming this amazing RPG created by CD Projekt RED. Gamers like CohhCarnage and TrU3Ta1ent are spending lots of time in the huge world, for consecutive days.

The top five is completed by regular heavyweights League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Counter-Strike.


GuyGrumpyPants is a player who likes PvP gaming or single-player focussed games. At the moment he’s playing Destiny and its newest addition House of Wolves.

masenTV is a Swedish gamer who mainly plays CS:GO, but will be playing other games as well.

Be sure to visit their channels and streams!

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