The YouTube spotlight is a weekly look at videos that we (why am I using ‘we’?) found interesting, funny, enjoyable, or something else. As long as they’re worth watching, they might end up in the YouTube spotlight. The videos range from gaming to music, and from film to sports, so there will always be variation (except for this week!). Have a look/watch/view: whatever you like!


Halo VS Call of Duty

Laughed my ass off!

The Witcher: fast facts

Interesting, didn’t know some of them!

Twitch guy falls asleep

Especially the chat’s reaction makes this worth watching.


What do PC, games, and GTA V have in common? Yep. Mods. It has been released for some time now, but since then a lot of mods appeared, which enhanced gameplay, graphics or other elements, or just made the game even funnier than it already was! Let’s have a look at two mod videos.

Gameplay with different mods

Some more gameplay with mods, as well as pushing a lot of people off a cliff..

That’s it for this week’s YouTube spotlight! Hope to see you next time!

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