(Dat body..)

I went to the gym tonight, after a long absence (about three months). I saw withdrawals from my bank account, these being my gym subscription, without even going to the gym. Reasons for this were school (final term of the year, so have to give it my best), things besides school, like writing, and err.. that thing you call, yeah, gaming.. But, there was also that feeling of insecurity combined with fear. I’m a lone-gymmer, meaning I go to the gym by myself, without someone to motivate you and helping you. That’s quite hard for me personally (according to sports), because you can get demotivated and are more prone to giving up. Finding a training schedule which suits your goal, practicing the different exercises, nutrition, rest.. It’s quite hard when you’re getting started, especially when you’re ‘goin’ solo’, so I definitely recommend finding a partner, a buddy, a teammate who can fight the battle with you, who can help you, support you, motivate you, and keep you going; that really helps! It’s also great to see progress together, compliment each other and giving each other feedback.

My procrastination also set in: when you haven’t done something you used to do, you get out of the routine. This makes it harder to get back in the flow. Kind of like climbing a mountain: when you climb a mountain and reach the top after some time. You then decide to go back down, while your original goal was going over the mountain. When you decide to pursue your goal again, it can be quite hard, because you came a long way, and have to get back to the top again, to be able to cross the mountain.

Just a little update from the jolly side. A bit of a feeling of proudness (even though I should’ve done it a long time ago). But hey, how small the accomplishment, it still counts as an accomplishment and there’s still a reason to be proud 🙂

Have a jolly night and day!

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