E3 and gaming conferences, an exciting topic which I’m glad to talk about. These conferences are very important in the gaming industry, that’s why they’re hyped a lot and the gaming world is focussing their eyes on them every time, because of the announcements, publishers, VIPs, celebrities. It’s kinda like a big prom of gaming. Yeah, imagine that.

But bigger..

In wonderful ‘gamingland’, everybody knows about the E3: the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is being held in the States (Los Angeles). One of the biggest gaming conferences in the world (if it isn’t the biggest), filled with lots of games (especially new games), developers, and other gaming-related business.Unfortunately, the E3 can only be visited by industry professionals, like journalists and VIPs, but it’s possible to follow all the news, on many different gaming websites, and live streams (I recommend this. Watching the press conferences live, with lots of announcements is pretty exciting, especially when the present audience is going wild). To name a few of the things that will be shown at E3 2015 (some of them are rumored, but that makes it even more exciting): PS4 and Xbox One slim models, project Morpheus (maybe Oculus Rift? Microsoft’s HoloLens?), Fallout 4 (oh my, this would be fantastic), a Watch_Dogs sequel, and lots and lots more. This is only a fraction of the amount of content that’s present at E3 2015. A lot of the industry’s big names, celebritiesĀ (like actors, musicians, etc.), and other hotshots are visiting the Expo, which is cool as well.

So yeah, E3 is being hyped a lot, and I think it’s going to be a spectacular event, as always. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it! June 16-18 in the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

That being said: I’ll be visiting Gamescom this year, which is in Germany (Cologne, to be specific). It’s the biggest gaming conference in Europe, and it’s not that far from where I live (in Holland), so me and some classmates thought it would be cool to visit it (nerd hype yay). However, more on that later, see keep your eyes peeled!

Have a jolly day and see you next time!

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