May the horse be with you

“Shit, why can’t I ever..,” John mumbled. His hands held his head while he was looking down at the paper, at the same time biting his teeth. “Why can’t I ever?” His left hand held his pencil, of which the eraser was pressing against his sweaty forehead. “Alright, get yourself together, John. Think of a story. Think of something. Anything. Yeah, anything will do.” Whenever John was  having a hard time doing something, he began talking to himself. His wife always used to say John was turning schizophrenic whenever he was trying his best. “Ok, so there once was a-… NO, no fairy tales. Hmm, let’s see..” John was looking at the wall in front of him. It was covered with some posters of old movies and a clock. John was tapping the pencil on his nose. Some say it helps getting you ideas. Suddenly, a loud “YES!” erupted from John’s throat and he started writing. Scribbling on the stencil, and sometimes nibbling on the pencil, an hour later, John filled a few pages with text, some words bigger than others, but he wasn’t aiming for a beauty prize. “Finally! I’ve done it! I managed to come up with an idea for a story and write it down!” All of a sudden, the door to his study room flew open with a loud bang and a horse was walking through it. John jumped from his chair.  “John, stop fooling around and get to work!” the horse said. It said it in a way like it was tired from waiting in line for a dentist appointment. John’s eyes became bigger. It didn’t stop, his eyes grew more and more until it looked like they couldn’t grow any bigger, and then his head exploded.

Sorry, I’m reeeeeally procrastinating and have to do some homework.. *Sigh*..

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