(No spoilers ahead, so it’s safe to continue reading!)

I’ve (with “I” I mean me and my girlfriend) almost finished watching the first season of Suits, and so far I think it’s a great series. It has a variety of features to have you thrilled for another episode when you just watched one. You become attached to the characters, all of them have different backstories and personalities (that’s often the case with characters, PJ..) and have some sort of attractive effect. Before I started watching, I thought the series would be dull, because of the lawyer-esque world, but I was mistaken. The setting is nice, its formal and business-like style, with touches of glamour and luxury. It also shows how much status and ‘power’ is involved in it. Moreover, it also gives you a bit of knowledge about that world. There’s more to say about it, but I think you should watch the series yourself and be your own judge. It’s hard to say it won’t disappoint you, one can’t argue about tastes. I can ramble on and on about Suits, but I invite you to watch and see for yourself. It might have the same effect on you!

Thank you for reading another one of my brainspills, and as always:

Have a jolly day (and evening!)

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