I had a brainwave/a flash/a moment of insight today..

(Tip of my hat for the person who knows which game that loading screen is from)

While riding the bus today, I was looking out one of the big windows it has and saw a manhole. Suddenly the thought struck me that in real life, we don’t have any loading times. Normally, in a game with different areas, when you move from one area to another, a loading screen appears in front of you, be it black, with a word on it, a picture; we’ve seen it all. After loading, you appear in the area you went to. I was actually excited that we don’t have loading times in real life. I was imagining myself removing the lid of the manhole and jumping down it, without having to wait for a few seconds (or maybe minutes). I will, however, fall to my death, but that’s a different story.

I thought of other situations where no loading screens would appear, like driving your car to another country, city, or town. You wouldn’t have to wait before crossing the border for example; you can just continue driving. Isn’t that amazing? Now, I see you thinking: 1. “Hey man, you’re addicted to gaming/get a life/welcome to life, under which stone did you live?”, 2. “I fancy some cake right now..” or 3. “Yep, life is amazing and a big amount of times better than games.” I hope it’s #3 you have in your mind (although I also agree with #2), because that’s how it is. Life is so amazing, sometimes it’s strange. I’m not saying videogames are stupid, no, certainly not. On the contrary, videogames and gaming is/are a great way of entertainment, that let’s you do things that aren’t possible in life. You can escape reality, which is hard sometimes (if not at all times), and jump into another story. Videogames are an extension of life. A plug-in, an add-on, maybe DLC. A different way of experiencing life.

Ok, back to where I was. Loading times. Somehow, that thought gripped me for a few seconds. I was happy. Enjoying a feature of life that has been known since creation. Appreciating it because you’re used to videogames sometimes, or maybe ‘thinking in videogame’, and then returning to reality is pleasant.

That’s all for now, folks. Thank you for reading and as always:

Have a jolly day!

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