Life is strange

Just as I published my previous blog post, the one with the quote, my grandfather passed away. He was dealing with illness (cancer, and other complications) for quite some time, combined with age, and the past days, weeks, months have seen a decline in his health, leading to him passing away some minutes ago.

All I can think and say is.. strange.


Strange how from one moment to the next, someone is gone. Gone from Earth. Leaving our planet forever, to a place we all know about.

The passing away of my grandpa is the first departure from Earth in my close family, so I can consider myself lucky.

Eventually, everybody will leave this place, it is unavoidable, and I’m aware of that. That’s the way life goes.

Strange. He is gone. He was there minutes ago, and now he is gone. Forever.

But I’m very sure he is in a better place right now, without pain, but with eternal peace. Strange imagining that. I imagined it before, but never with a relative.

Strange.. Life is strange. Some things are hard to realize.

But again, that’s the way life goes.

Rest in peace, grandpa.

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