(Part of) ‘The Luminous Crystal’

Almost there. One more hill to climb and then I’ll be able to see the city. It lies on the edge of a cliff, over the white sea, in a deep valley, only reachable by climbing the Gargantuan. The sun always sets on it, creating a beautiful, atmospheric sight. As if it were a painting, made by the most brilliant painter, on a canvas crafted with the finest fabrics, touched with a brush made of the smoothest hair. The city is called Celesta, in honor of the eternal sunset. And in the deepest core of the city lies the artifact. The object able to divide good and evil. If there is a time when it is more needed, that time is now. The world is on the brink of disaster.

The Luminous Crystal. It is said to be crafted by the most skilled and talented giants from the past, crafted in the fires of the sun itself, and guarded by the Champions of Cadogan, the most sublime warriors this world has known.

It has been a long journey, but I’m finally there. A few more steps, clambering up, until I’m at the edge. And there it is. As told in many tales and stories. Even legends. The city of eternal sunset. I’m stunned by its beauty. But I have to keep moving. The shepherd told me, when the sun has set, the city will be locked down. Every entrance, gate, portal, and doorway will be closed. Closed until the sun rises again. “To have a chance to get the light, do not enter Celesta at night”. The mysterious rhyme the elder told me makes perfect sense now.

I make my way down, to the Bright Walk: a long pathway leading to the main entrance of Celesta. It’s the only way into the city I know of. The pathway is made from marble, but I have never seen such high quality marble before. It glimmers and shines in the last rays the sun is giving today. As I reach the gigantic gate that marks the entry of the city, I hear a dreadful shriek. The shriek sends shivers down my spine. I look up to the sky, but it’s completely clear, nothing to be seen. “What was that?” I mumble, but before I can finish my sentence, an enormous shadow veils me. The shadow of a beast.

It’s Nyarcham.

Slayer of hunters.

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