Information, knowledge, and the infinite amount of it available today. It’s overwhelming..

We live in a world in which you can get an answer to your question in a few seconds. Be it through the internet, books, or other sources. This wasn’t possible tens of years back, where all people had were written sources and other people’s knowledge. It could took days, even weeks to find an answer to your question, when all you have to do now is type in [YOUR QUESTION] in Google, or ask it online, and you will have an answer in a few seconds (depends on difficulty of the question). We have access to a lot of information. A lot isn’t even enough to describe how much information there is in the world right now, how much information you can get your hands on. It is easier than ever to learn something, with lots of sources available to everyone (almost everyone).

This load of information is fascinating. It’s marvelous, and it’s getting bigger by the day. Imagine the world in five years. Even more information will be available, not to mention a longer timespan.

However, this load of information, this ‘knowledge bomb’ can be intimidating as well. To me it is.

There is so much to learn, to know. So much information gather and acquire. Where do you start? If you want to become skilled in something, be it practical, for example sports, or a creative skill; or mental, like philosophy, or studying for school; there is so much information available, you don’t even know where to start. Which information is reliable? Which information should I use? It would take millions of years to find and understand all the information available about different topics. There are a lot of people who dedicate years studying a certain subject, topic, or other area of life, be it a skill, a job, a talent, or whatsoever. Even all these years aren’t enough to know everything about the thing you’re dedicated to.

As I mentioned, I think this information overload or overkill is intimidating. You want to become better at something and try to gather as much knowledge about it as you can, but that doesn’t cover all knowledge and there is still a long way of practicing and learning to go. “I have to acquire all the knowledge if I want to become good (or even the best) at this.” I have heard myself saying that a couple of times, especially with writing. There is so much info available, it’s hard to know where to start, hard to know which information is reliable and good/quality of information, and it’s hard to even begin doing to thing you want to do, because you think you have to gather more information and knowledge first before you can do anything. Those doubts might even set you back or even prevent you from starting that what you want to do, become, achieve, or obtain.

I’m interested in your opinion on this topic/subject; the information overload/overkill, and what can be done about it (for example to make use of it in the best way possible), so let me know!

Information: a blessing and a curse at the same time.

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