We all have something which has us collecting things that are about that thing we like (wow, read that one twice). It doesn’t have to be something that consists of collectables, but lots of times, those hobbies, interests, or likes tend to give us some kind of wanting feeling. When you like logging/woodcutting, you want to have wood. And more wood. And even more wood. Until your backyard is filled with wood, under roofs, in shelters, and so on (kinda looking at you, dad. No offense, having something that excites you is great. This sounds sarcastic, but it’s not.) Another example, one that is well-known: collecting cards. Trading cards, stickers, pictures, etc. This one is very popular. I’m sure there are a lot of research has been conducted about the causes, effects, feelings, etc. involving collecting and the urge of it, but I’m only giving my own view on it here.

The urge to collect things, especially with ‘subjects’ that contain a lot of things that can be collected, is something that activates some kind of obsessive state in humans (I think). Because there are things that can be collected, we want all of it, maybe because it gives us benefits or maybe because it gives us a feeling of completion. I don’t know what the exact cause of it is. It might also be some kind of way to show our ‘achievement’/collectibility (a word?) to others, especially to ones who also like collecting.

Pokémon. Everybody knows what that is (well, almost everybody). Finding and catching Pokémon (gotta catch ’em all!), of whom a lot are available. This also includes the trading card game. With lots of cards spread around the world for you to collect and to use in duels with other collectors/trainers.. It’s addictive! There is also the feeling when you open a booster pack, without knowing beforehand which cards are inside.. The surprise.. It’s thrilling..

Look at me, rambling on about collecting things, the compulsive hoarding of materialistic things. It’s quite hard to make sense of it, be it this post or collecting as a whole, but that’s also a matter of collecting: would be less exciting if I gave you all the sense and logicality in advance, right? Collecting is more enjoyable 😉

Have a jolly day and night!

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