A fit and healthy update

I’m still visiting the gym for some muscle building and to become fit. I received a split body schedule: an upper-body workout and a lower-body workout. I’m currently visiting the gym three days a week, doing upper on mondays and thursdays and lower on wednesdays. Previously, I used a full-body schedule (with eight exercises for the whole body. It looks pretty weak compared to my current schedule), but the problem with that was that it’s best to have 24 hours of rest between your workouts, otherwise you might get injuries and results won’t be as they should be. I am only able to ‘do some lifting’ on mondays, wednesdays, and thursdays (saturdays as well, but the gym is closed when I’m finished working..), so this schedule works better for me.

I do think it’s quite hard to keep going to the gym; to be consistent, but I think my mind is not fully switched to that mindset yet. Might be a matter of time (will try my best!).

Fitnessing is great fun, however. You feel like you’re working towards your goal and it’s great to think it’s a good goal; achieving something you can be proud.

My nutrition isn’t there yet, like the mindset, but I’m keeping track of it and I am developing an eating habit that is both better than before and aiming towards what my goals are. I think it’s a matter of time and learning. It’s quite hard to do everything right in the first try (if it’s even possible). It’s a process that develops with leaps and bounds: you have to learn to walk before you can run, right?

There you have it, a little update regarding my fitness adventure!

Have a jolly day peeps!

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