I picked up my guitar again a few days ago, after a returning interest for playing. I haven’t been playing for about 1,5/2 years before that, but it always kept exciting me. Before the break, I had been playing for about 3,5 years, which is quite long, but those weren’t the most efficient guitar playing years. Playing mostly included me playing some random notes after each other, trying to learn some songs but switching to another song soon, because the previous one started to bore me, and other ‘practice’ like that. I find it hard to focus, to concentrate on one thing and only start with a new thing, execute a new idea when I’m finished and have completed something. Not only with guitar playing: with everything. Same goes for writing, for example. The process pretty much looks like this: idea for a story > write idea down > plot out story > getting bored of plotting because I want to write > write a page or two > new idea comes up > this process starts over again. It’s kinda tiring and frustrating, because I never finish things, which makes it hard to really accomplish something. Have to look into that soon, I think a lot of information is available on it.

Anyway, my dream of becoming a rockstar (haha) is in progress again because I’ve started playing guitar again!

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