Everybody knows what soccer is. That game in which you run after a ball, kick it around, and try to win by scoring goals. It’s that simple, but on that simple concept, a whole world was built.

Right now, I’m watching the Netherlands play against the Czechs, which is going horrible at the moment (however, there is still a tiny bit of hope, as van Persie just scored the 2-3). Holland has to win and Turkey has to lose in order for the Netherlands to be able to participate in the European Cup, but that is a dream scenario right now (and a minute ago, NL should have gotten a penalty, nerve wrecking, my goodness..). I am a bit of a fan, I mean, not a great soccer fan; I like watching games played by clubs in the big leagues like the Bundesliga or the Primera Division, international games played by the orange legion and other countries, and games in the Eredivisie (the division clubs in Holland play in), but that’s it kinda. Playing soccer is fun as well, but I’m aware of the fact I’m not that good of a player to be of any impact to the world of soccer, but I’m okay with that.

You may also know, a lot of money is involved with soccer. Good players earn a lot of money, great players earn insane amounts of money. Of course, they’re top sporters; they get intensive training and have to deliver results in order to stay successful and keep earning money, otherwise there will be five others ready to replace you. One might argue about the role of money in soccer. The amounts being too much, or being deserved. I don’t really have an opinion about it; they are working hard and becoming more successful results in deals with partners, which also earn you money and fame. However, a private island as a gift? That’s pretty insane.. But, if you have the money, why not? Private islands are cool, right?

Soccer has its ups and downs regarding positivity and negativity. Racism, violence, corruption; it’s all in there, but isn’t that the thing with something that is a whole world in itself? Of course, there’s no justifying that, but with something that big, some things are bound to happen. The whole FIFA ordeal at the moment; what’s the truth? and questions like that. I wonder how that turns out..

Back to now: the three whistles; the end of a time of power. The fall of a giant: the mighty Dutch are no more..

..but maybe it’s good for them (us, as Dutchies). As the commentator said: “change is needed.” Change can be good. We were giants, but giants fall sometimes. They just have to get back up again. The question is if that will happen. The future will tell..

Have a jolly evening!

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