The Battlefront beta is over and EA published statistics of how many people have played it: over 9 million. That’s a gigantic number. When I started playing the beta, things were new for me and I had to learn the gameplay mechanics; strategic ways to play, the maps and how to take advantage of them. After playing more and more matches, I noticed some things which not only helped me in becoming a better player, but also had me enjoying the game more. In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips which you can apply when the game is released on the 17th of November (19 in Europe).

Most tips are focussed on the Walker assault on Hoth modus, but I think they might apply on other modi as well.

  1. Control the uplink stations

This one is key in winning the match. I experienced different matches which had our team losing, because we didn’t control the points. This was due to a lack of teamwork and a lot of players randomly wandering the battlefield, trying to get the most kills or playing with the pickups. The longer you control an uplink station, the more Y-wings bombard the Walkers, making them vulnerable for some time. People say it’s quite hard to win as rebels, as the AT-ATs are near invincible, but I discovered controlling the uplinks gives you a great advantage.

In one match, our team had almost full control of the uplinks during the first part of the match, which in term led to us destroying both AT-ATs in the first moment it was vulnerable. It was insane. And, as soon as the walkers are vulnerable, gain control of whatever turret, AT-ST, stationary turret, Ion shot (extra bullet damage to vehicles) or ship you can and fire all your power on the walkers.

  1. Use your cards to your Advantage

The games uses cards which allow you to change your equipment, like grenades, the jump pack, or the cycler rifle. The items not only help you kill enemies faster or protect yourself, they can also be used to your tactical advantage.

The jump pack can be used to travel faster. Instead of walking the whole way toward the enemy or the uplink stations, you can use the boost jump to scale some distance, which in term has you in the fight faster, allowing your team to capture the objectives faster as well. The jump pack can also be used to flee danger. When you’re under fire, try escaping by boosting away. It’s quite hard to hit someone flying away, especially when the jumper escapes behind rocks or a mountain. Final advantage of the jump pack that helped me was using the jump to reach higher ground or otherwise hard to cross ground. Higher ground gives you a tactical advantage, as you can kill enemies from above and give your team a better idea where the enemy is.

The personal shield allows you to escape danger, for example when you’re under fire or when a ‘vehicle’ or a turret is targeting you. Another use I found convenient, was using it when you’re activating an uplink station. As you can’t be hurt for a few seconds, it comes in handy as you’re activating these. Nothing worse than getting killed when you had almost activated an uplink.

  1. Use the terrain to your advantage

This is crucial in staying alive, which in term is better for your team. The planet Hoth has a lot of rocks, mountains, even tunnels and trenches, aka a lot of elevation and height differences, which you should use as cover or as a way to escape (for example in combination with the jump pack). Make clever use of it!

  1. Heroes aren’t immortal

Of course, it’s great playing is Vader or Skywalker and I understand it’s tempting to run around, wreaking havoc, but you have to understand how awesome the heroes are, they aren’t invincible. As soon as you get multiple enemies against you, together with an AT-ST or a turret, you’ll die within seconds. Make use of the blocking button, which deflects incoming bullets (PEW PEW), use the other skills, like Luke’s dash or Vader’s throw, and take advantage of cover and the differences in surface.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

There are a lot of pickups on the battlefield, every one of them giving you some kind of benefit or enabling you to enter a ‘vehicle’. Don’t be afraid to try them out and know what each one of them does. They randomly spawn at different places on the map.

As with the pickups, experiment with different play styles. Try to more defensive and using turrets to defend the uplinks, or try flanking the enemy by walking around hot spots. Experiment.

  1. Teamwork and strategy are important

I won’t say they are key, as it is possible to win matches without full co-operation and teamwork, but the teamwork and strategy sure make winning the game easier. The next time you’re wandering around, not really helping your team, think about this one.

Seeing the word ‘victory’ appear instead of ‘defeat’ is a lot more satisfying.

May the tips be with you!

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