You might have heard of so-called ‘life pro tips’ or ‘life hacks’. They’re often cleverly found tips to make things easier in your life.

I want to share some with you that I found convenient.

Make a CD case from a single piece of paper

A nice one to protect loose CDs or to use as a gift!

How to tell if an egg is fresh

Of course, you wouldn’t want to eat rotten eggs, would you?

When trying to see an object in the dark dont look straight at it but slightly next to it, itll be way easier to see

This makes it easier finding your way when for example the power is out.

I didn’t come up with these, I took them from Reddit, which has a whole sub-reddit dedicated to those neat little tricks. You can also look them up on Google, same with ‘life hacks’; there are loads of ’em!

I hope they make your life a bit easier!

Have a jolly day!

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