A new CTB review! No bullsh*t, but to the point. Here we go!

Title: FIFA 16

PlatformsPlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Android, Xbox 360, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Release22 september 2015

Genre: Sports

Studio: EA Canada/EA Sports

I am not a great FIFA player. I tackle a lot, which often results in cards and free kicks. My ball possession is always less than 50%, but I do know how to score. After playing a lot of FIFA (played ’14 as well) I noticed FIFA is a lot more enjoyable when you’re good at it. Don’t even try playing online when you’re a noob, because you will get destroyed.

FIFA 16 has a lot to offer. The game looks very good; the pitch looks green how green should look and players look realistic. The crowd, however, doesn’t look that good (but that has been a minus in previous games). There are a lot of game types. The insanely popular Ultimate Team- which is a whole game in itself- does what it does best. I’m not going to explain the whole Ultimate Team world, but I’m going to mention some things. Basically, you compose a team which becomes better as you’re trading and playing. The trading system is easy, but in-depth as well; there is a whole transfer market available, from which you can get players (and items) to make your team stronger. You use coins to buy news players or packs, which contain player or item cards.

FIFA 16 also contains the all-new ‘draft mode’, which is a mode inside Ultimate Team that lets you create a team. For every position, you get to pick from five all-star players. When you’re finished establishing your team, you have to play a few matches. The more you win, the higher the pay-out (e.g. for winning all the matches you get packs and a lot of coins).

Possession of Gamed.nl

As usual, the newest addition to the FIFA family contains the same modi as previous games, like player and manager career, kick off, practice arena, etc. FIFA has always let you tweak and customize team settings and player settings (you can even create your own ‘pro’), which make it more realistic, as you’re basically playing as a soccer player and a manager.

The matches are the same as always, the big differences being more refined/more realistic controlling of players and the ball (like no-touch dribbling), improved graphics, and the FIFA-trainer; shows you the controls, making it easier to get into the game (aimed at beginners).

The game does have its flaws though, with the AI being an idiot at times: referees making incomprehensible choices, players not responding, graphic glitches, etc, but no one’s perfect.

FIFA 16 also contains.. *drumroll* women teams! Yes, in this game, you can play with the other gender (I know what you’re thinking, but I mean play soccer), which is a nice addition from the previous games.

FIFA 16 does what it’s good at. While not being a leap forward from the previous game, each game is an improvement, adding new features and realistic and better gameplay. For some, this is useless, but for FIFA players this is not a problem. They will get new parts, as it lets them play a game which is sure to offer hours and hours of fun, be it online or offline. FIFA 16 is more of the same, but does the same better, which, in my eyes, is good.


+ Hours of fun with classic modi..

+ ..but also with new additions like women teams, FIFA trainer, and Draft

+ Improvement over previous games; gameplay- and graphic-wise


– More of the same

– Glitches and bugs

– A bit complicated and overwhelming at times

FIFA 16 scores a(n)..

Courtesy of https://www.psasailing.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/B-9-1000x1000.jpg

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