Now, I’m not saying I’m a wise writer. I’m not a great writer either, and I haven’t got any ‘portfolio’ to show I have skills, but I just want to share my two cents.

Many writers are roaming the internet in search of tips and techniques to up their writing. As you may know, there are loads of them available, but they’re not cheat codes to suddenly become better at writing. Writing theory (to give it a collective term) might make you a better writer, but only when you actively apply it. Sometimes you’ll notice you’re passively using something you read about, but in my eyes it’s an active process of trial and error. Practice, learning, becoming better. Crafting and shaping your work into a masterpiece.

I’m not trying to demotivate you. Writing is great fun, being able to make the story you came up with reality, turning the intangible into tangible. The truth is, to become better, you need practice, as I said. But when you like doing something, it doesn’t feel like a burden. Keep walking the writing road and you’ll get there!

To help you walk this road, I do want to share some tips with you (provided you apply it, practice, learn!).


I can’t find the source, but some time ago, I read something along the lines of

“when one person says something is wrong, don’t go with it. When ten people say something is wrong, they’re probably right.”

Of course, it is up to you what you do with feedback. If you feel someone’s right about something, even if it is one person, you can go with it. It’s completely up to you to decide what you’ll do with (the) feedback, but you can keep it in mind, as in stay sharp and critical.

Might continue this if you like it? Let me know!

Have a jolly day and evening!

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