Short short story: the future of education

Here it is, as I mentioned in the future of education post. It’s a short one, but I think it conveys an image that might even be possible..

A few years have passed since the Edufuture law was passed. With it, the government prepared education for the future, which consists of full digitalization, automatization, and technology. Basically speaking, education completely existing of digital stuff. At first, they introduced a completely digital platform called Knowdom. With it, people all over the world are able to access almost all the knowledge this world has to offer, it trains you and gives you guidance. It educates you into whatever you want to be, but also helps discover the best choices for every individual. It is used by 80% of the world population now and that number is still growing. A year later, the X-istants were released. Robots serving as assistants to every human. Early models were expensive, but today, middle-class and even lower-class are able to get one. Nothing wrong with this future, right? Well, guess again. It started out innocent. Education changed and teachers and staff adapted to it. We were able to work side by side, but slowly, the digitalization began to take over. Subtly, at first, but speeding up the process as it progressed. Teachers were fired with ‘positive intentions’ and compensations were given, but it was nothing compared to our previous lives of teaching. The compensation was good for a few months, but then, it suddenly stopped and we were both jobless and broke. The firing, which wasn’t called firing, but “releasing as an investment in future education”, brought shocks. Some teachers committed suicide, because their only goal and passion in life was teaching. They could not cope with it, so they left this world. That didn’t stop the government, however. They continued and soon, every teacher, in every country, on every continent in the world was ‘released’. Leaving only Knowdom and the X-istants. Life went on and a great amount of teachers moved on with it and found other jobs, like working at Vitalion (the creator of Knowdom and the X-istants, a company comprised of different technological and governmental companies and institutions), and other jobs in the digital branch. Some found tutoring or guiding jobs, but these were scarce, dying out as well. The whole definition of teaching by humans was gone: Knowdom provided. The remaining teachers, educators, and other fellow humans who had a job that concerned teaching someone else something united. It started out small, but now, in the year 2028, we’ve grown into a front, opposing the pact consisting of Vitalion and the worldly governments. We tried to negotiate a hybrid form of education, connecting both human influence and digitalization, but it was denied. The Protest of Humanity was the result, but it led to a massacre. Hundreds were killed. Slaughtered. Their power turned against us, with the use of technology, including militarized X-istants. Now we know who we’re facing. Emotionless monsters. Education was just the start, the governments are tightening their grip. It’s becoming totalitarianism. This isn’t the future we expected it to be, it’s worse.

We are the Human Liberation Union, and this future has to be stopped.

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