Loads of people like teachers, politicians, philosophers, businessmen (and women) have been thinking about that. What will it be like? Will it be the same or is it going to be radically different? There is no crystal ball which can show us how it will be, but maybe that’s a good thing..

I wrote a short short story about what the future of education will be like, which I will post later this evening. I think teachers will be gone. Teaching might be done by robots, but I think it’s more plausible teaching will be fully digitalized, with lessons offered online. We can already see the start of that, with lots of classes and topics being taught on the internet, but I think it will convert completely. Textbooks and notebooks are gone; Holonotes are the new noting systems; devices which can be minimized and maximized when you have to jot something down.

Maybe in the far future we will see chips implemented in humans, just underneath their skin which contain basic human knowledge. Additional knowledge can be obtained either by paying or just by downloading/receiving/sharing it. The chip doesn’t only serve this purpose, but also other actions like functioning as a keycard (so you won’t have to use keys for doors anymore), an identification card, but also grim purposes like acting as a tracker or controlling HUB for the human body (imagine humans shutting down because the controller presses a button, which causes a shutdown..). The horror.. I don’t think that’s going to do any good.. There’s also an option education will be gone. Perished, destroyed, vanished. A world without education.. Is that going to do any good?

You know, the options are endless. Some outcomes can be predicted according to existing trends and customs, but others are hard to predict. Good or bad, I think they will mostly be improvements, but in times like these with lots of controversial and doubtful choices and products it’s understandable you might be suspicious..

What do you think; will the future of education be awesome or horrible?

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