I’m sure we all wonder what became of our childhood. With that, I mean the friends we had; what are they doing now? What do their lives look like? What’s going on in their minds? I like the idea of reunions which you see on TV or read about. Everyone getting back together to talk about the old times, the memories; good and bad. Ok, I’m not old and I’m sure the more experienced in life ones are going to say “whatcha talkin’ ’bout kid? You haven’t lived long enough, son”, but that doesn’t mean we, as (young) adults, don’t ever think about our childhood, the friends we had. Retrieve old memories.

I used to be a different kid. Not really different, as in special, but with different interests and different goals. My friends (I didn’t have many, but I used to spend most time with a few) and I grew apart. They still spend time together, but I went a different way. No problems with that, but sometimes you think what it would be like if you still spent time together. In the end, everybody goes their own way, each with their own happiness and success, but also with difficulties and sadness.

Everybody is writing their own story, with their own characters in it and a unique plot. They drive their story forward as protagonists making decisions. Each and everyone’s story is worth reading, don’t forget that. It’s easy to change someone’s story from a romantic feel good story into a drama; we forget that sometimes..

One day, I will attend a reunion and speak with the persons who took part in my story in the early chapters. They will probably leave the story again, but some might return as side characters, maybe helping the protagonist in his journey to his goal. I’m looking forward to it.

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