Wouldn’t it be great to be a secret agent? Working for a secret service, doing secret things, like secretly doing things.. Yeah, all secret and stuff, you can’t know about it. Enough fooling around; being a secret agent isn’t all roses..

With the new James Bond in cinemas on the 29th of October (which I’m looking forward to), I was wondering what it would be like to be a secret agent. It’s a dangerous job of course, being sent on missions you might not return from, having to deal with evil villains, always being in danger (and your family, if you have any), because enemies are not sitting around until “that secret agent shows up again.” You have to deal with extreme circumstances, need a far above average physique, have to be skilled in many different categories, like handling weapons, knowing close quarter combat styles, strategical and tactical thinking, survival skills, to name a few. Besides those things, you have to be courageous, brave, use common sense and need good reflexes and instinct. Another hard part can be the fact you have to keep quiet about your work, otherwise the secret part is gone. Keeping secrets this big can be quite difficult.

I was browsing the internet, interested in the activities of secret agents and what you have to do in order to become one, and it surprised me that there were a lot of websites available, giving information on how to actually become one. With books and movies available like James Bond, it’s easy to think secret agents only exist in fiction, but they do actually exist in real life, which is quite easy to forget. You might also think secret agents only wear suits, sunglasses and have a gun in their hand wherever they go, but that’s not true, of course.

To conclude; being a secret agent isn’t easy and as romantic as you might’ve thought (that is however, dependent on how you experience it), but it is definitely possible being one. So if you aspire being a secret agent: go for it!

Have a jolly evening and night!

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