Traveling is great. Even though I don’t travel a lot, mainly due to time and money (which are always the main reasons that hold you back). There are some places I would love traveling to, if I had the money and the time, and I would like to share them with you. They might interest you as in “I want to go there as well!” or maybe there are some which are on your list as well.

Here goes: places/countries I want to visit!

United States of America

If there is one place I want to go, it is the US. It has everything I want, with many different kinds of areas, cultural influences, lots of sights, and so on. The media; music, films, books, TV: they’ve all given me an image of the States which hasn’t left my mind. It feels like you’ve been there before, but you haven’t. Kind of like feeling home. I don’t know when I’m going to visit it, but I do know that I am going to visit it. I would love to.


The Caribbean dream.. Long, white beaches, green palm trees, the azure blue water, the warmth, beautiful weather.. Amazing.. Of course, it could be a mirage, but the image I have of the Caribbean is like that. Add to that the idea of being a pirate, sailing through the Caribbean (fictional, of course, but you can still be a pirate, arrr!) and you have the next place I want to go..

Italia (especially Rome, Firenze, and Venice)

Aaah, the culture.. The landscapes.. The delicious cuisine.. The history.. Wonderful.. I must confess, playing Assassin’s Creed II/the Ezio Auditore parts made me adore the Italian country, especially the countryside and the historic cities. I’m fond of the history behind places, and Italia has a lot of that.

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Have you seen pictures of it? Beautiful colors everywhere, be it from the coral or the fish. I think it would be great swimming there, between the fish, petting some turtles, taking pictures with a waterproof camera.. Wonderful! But I have to be careful, there could be sharks lurking for food!


Canada looks great, its nature especially. I think hiking through the snowy areas there, doing some camping, enjoying the landscapes would be fantastic. Going back to nature doesn’t sound bad..

And that’s it, my traveling bucket list! I’m wondering what places you want to go, let me know in the comments!

Have a jolly day!

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