As you might’ve readĀ cured andĀ processed meats (bacon, sausages, ham) were placed alongside smoking, asbestos, and alcohol as a major cause of cancer. Isn’t that insane? We’ve been eating it for ages and you might get cancer from it. Such a shame, I love those meats. As I heard about the recent conclusion, I was wondering how much longer it will take for us to say every type of food is a cause of cancer. I think every food has at least a little bit of cancer-generating substantion in it, especially when you think of how many chemicals we unleash on our foods. It’s quite scary, actually; the thought of food being dangerous.

Growing meat, as in ‘growing potatoes’ is also a hot topic today; we might eat grown meat in a year. That’s insane, right? I don’t think I want to eat fake meat; I don’t even like vegetarian meat. What if the food came alive and started eating us and destroying the world? A meat apocalypse, with the meat exclamating “Gaaaaainnss.. Gaaaainnss..”..


I wonder what the (near) future will look like..

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