As you might’ve read in my previous post, I’m going to write stories to prompts every now and then. This is the first one in a (hopefully) long series of stories.

At birth, depending on your eye color, you are given a dragon, wolf, bear or gorilla as a lifelong companion. – Taken from Reddit

At birth, your eye colour decides which companion you’ll acquire. Prophecy has told us of this, and it is fulfilled ever since. If you are born with green eyes, you get a dragon as a companion. Born with grey eyes? A wolf is yours. Black eyes? Gorilla it is! I’ve always dreamt of what it would be like if I had a dragon. I could sit on its back and it would fly me wherever I wanted to go. Besides flying, dragons are strong. Very strong. They’ve got long tails, which can sweep enemies from their feet, they’ve got a beak filled with razor-sharp teeth and let’s not forget their breath. Most dragons can breathe fire, some can breathe ice and others can use acid to poison foes. How cool is that? Me and my dragon, we would be unbeatable. Yet, here I am, with my dark brown eyes. Don’t get me wrong: bears are strong too and they can be quite fast, but they don’t really compare to dragons.. I, and many others with brown eyes have acquired a bear as our companion. A lifelong companion that is. Brownie has been with me my whole life, and I’m eighteen already. We experienced a lot together, and he has never parted my side. I must give it to him; he is a loyal and trustworthy friend and I am grateful for that. He is strong, you know. Brownie once lifted a big rock from the entrance of a cave. Pretty cool, eh? He also chased after a deer once and killed it within four minutes. That’s mighty fast. He also- eh, he also stood up on his back paws and he was as tall as our house! Wow! That’s like, really tall! Our house is two and a half meters high, almost three meters. You don’t see companions that tall often, right? Yes, I know, my bear rocks. And brown is a great colour, just like my eyes.

How is it even possible that two green eyed people get a child with brown eyes? Who came up with that?

I mean, seriously?

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