Number two already! You might’ve read my previous post, but if you didn’t; go check it out.

Here we go!

In a Video Game, if a Player loses to an enemy, all they have to do is reset and fight again until they win. But how does the Player beat the one enemy who can reset as well? – Taken from Reddit

I died. Again. I lost count of how many times I have died. It’s beginning to take its toll; my sane mind is leaving me and I’m desperate for the end. But the end is nowhere near. I tried every strategy I could think of. Every possible tactic. I tried to make us of glitches, to cheat my way to the end, but nothing’s working. Sometimes I wonder how it was like before this all. Before this madness.

I defeated it countless times, but every time it dies, it resets so it lives to see another day, just like I control this power. A circle of everlasting resets. The Eternal resetting. Many have feared it through legend, but no one thought it to be true.

“Are you giving up yet, warrior?” The Great Warden says.

“Never, you foul creature.”

“You must be exhausted from these battles.”

“My tiredness will never beat my pride. Nor will I ever let you defeat me,”  I say. I look at my blade. Its worn from the countless battles, as my equipment wears down even after resetting. My armor and shield are cracked and my helmet has lost its feathers.

“I see. I don’t care about your foolish pride. My downfall will never happen. Your sanity will give way to darkness of insanity before you’ll manage to bring me down,” the Warden says. Its voice trembles the arena we’re standing in.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

“What do you mean, foolish warrior?”

My mind has brought me a tiny light in this blinding darkness. It means the greatest sacrifice has to be made, but it is the only way. The only escape.

“I guess you’ve never been the protagonist of a realm like this yourself.”

“N- what do you mean, you foul?”

“The one thing that can kill. The one thing that can erase a world and leave rage in the soul of a player. You’re lucky for never having experienced such madness before.”

“What nonsense are you muttering, simpleton?! I see the darkness is winning over the light in your mind,” the Warden says. Its laugh is roaring through the arena, blowing up dust from the centuries-old pillars and shaking the ground underneath my feet.

This is it. If not for me, then neither for him. I’m going down, but I’m dragging the bastard with me.

“See you nowhere, you ignorant creature,” I say. The blank stare on my face gives way to a smirk. I raise my blade far above my head and strike it down.



Your save game could not be loaded. Your data is corrupted.

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