PlayStation has a great line-up heading towards us. The following games are the ones I’m really looking forward to!

Far Cry Primal – February 23

If you’ve played the previous games in the Far Cry series, you will know that the games offer a lot of replay value in big and graphically amazing worlds. This time, we’ll we able to explore in a primal world with fitting weapons and characters. How cool is that?

Tom Clancy’s The Division – March 8

A game that lets you explore mid-crisis open world New York, together with weapons and a team to fight against enemies. Sounds great and it looks fantastic. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you really should watch it.

Dark Souls 3 – April 12

I play Dark Souls 2 at the moment and even though it has been released some time ago, the Souls games still manage to be great games. Dark Souls 3 won’t be any different, with a new setting, new mechanics and other features, this game will be another great addition to an awesome franchise.

Ratchet & Clank – April 12

I’ve always loved Ratchet & Clank. I played the first games on my loyal PS2 back in the day, played A crack in time on the PS3 and I’m looking forward to the newest installment of the series, which will have great graphics, a nice story and an arsenal of weapons that’s crazy as always.

No Man’s Sky – June

I always wonder what it would be like if I could explore the planets of our universe.. Unfortunately, I can’t.. No Man’s Sky offers you the opportunity to be able to do so! Hop in your spaceship and explore thousands millions billions of planets, every one of them unique. The game looks great, but I do wonder if its replay value is any good. We’ll see in June!


So, which games are you looking forward to?


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