Prompt number four! Prompts are nice to get your creative juices flowing quickly. If you don’t feel like writing a whole story and just want to finish something quickly, a prompt is great. Even when you’re writing a big story but you’re stuck, a prompt can help you get unstuck.

Today’s prompt:

The main character is dead. The narrator is to replace them. All hail the narrator! – Taken from Reddit (great prompts!)

Garnill dropped to the ground, the knife still stuck in his back. Blood slowly seeped out of it, encircling his lifeless body which now lay flat on the concrete.

*Sigh*, guess I have to take over. Alright, let me see. Here’s his map, I say as I search through his leather bag. Ah, and his Dragon Crystal; always wanted to use it. Now I can breathe fire. Sweet. Ok, so, he was on his way to Falmbore, to visit the King who was to give him his next quest, which I already know, so screw him, I’ll go to the Docks first and then surprise the King with the necklace. Oh wait, the necklace will be stolen from me at Shady Rock. Let me think, they’re gonna take it to.. Dinedlas. That’s it, the city of the Prince that has yet to arrive.


I continue his way through the forest, which I’ve almost crossed. As I proceed along Lake Waalzan, I see a group of rebels walking in my direction, but that’s ok, because they’ll be distracted by the dragon that appears in 3,2,1- “Engage! Slay the beast!” the rebel leader says. There you go. Alright, only one mile to g-.. Wait. I already know the ending of this story. I die. F*ck that, I’ll just go to Cirillan and drink some Tillt.

The end.

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