Have you ever played Rocket League? I’m sure you have, because it’s one of the most popular console (and PC) games of the moment. It’s a great game and I had lots of fun playing it, but there is a dark side to the moon as well..

Don’t get me wrong; I used to be a big Rocket League fan and played it every day. The more I played, the better I became at it. However, when you play something for a long time, the irritations start coming, which was the same in my case. I played a lot of ranked matches and they could be great or horrible, which depended upon multiple factors. In this post, I’ll be naming four reasons why I think Rocket League sucks.

Connectivity issues

Whenever you enter the Rocket League main menu and you want to start a game, things are quite easy. Go online, select a mode and find a match. Easy. However, a lot of times I tried playing a game, it had me waiting for more than two minutes. Some matches even took longer than five minutes to be found. I had selected the right area, but it still had me waiting for a long time, even with a lot (four thousand+) of players in the playlist. Of course, it depends on the game mode you’re playing, but I’ve experienced it in both threes, doubles, and even duels.

Besides this issue, playing with lag is very annoying. You’re on your way to the opposition’ goal, about to score/give a pass/receive a pass and you lag, resulting in a goal for the opposing team, missing the shot or something like that. This could also happen to a teammate, which leaves you standing 2 versus 1 (depending on which mode you’re playing). Highly frustrating.

My internet connection is good. I have to admit, sometimes it can be bad, but most times it’s good. The lag, however, can appear at random, even when you’ve had good ping before.

Also, glitches and bugs can be frustrating. A ball that’s suddenly somewhere else, the camera stuck in the ground, hitting the ball but a slight lag/glitch freezing it, confusing you and the rest.

The Rocket League matchmaking system is generally good. It finds matches fast and can have you up and playing rather quickly, but the more you play the more irritating it gets when lag/glitches/bugs appear.

Bad teams/teammates

I have to admit, I’m not always the best teammate either. I can be irritated at times, venting my irritation to teammates, but players in Rocket League can be.. sh*t, be it in their attitude or skill. To give you some examples: teammates not communicating, going for every challenge/trying to hit every ball, blaming you for their mistakes, missing every pass you give them, criticizing instead of supporting when you make a mistake, and so on. Of course, this might only happen in doubles or threes (ranked), but when it happens, it can ruin the whole match. My tip for people who play in teams/want to play in teams: either be the role model you want to see or play with friends. Friends can be trolls as well, but they are more likely to contribute to the team aspect than random strangers.

Thumbs up to the ones who do want to make the best of it, try to be a good team player and show good sportsmanship.

Friendliness can turn toxic

Kind of an addition to the previous point. I’ve experienced many matches with me being friendly, but the teammate(s) being toxic. Blaming you for their mistakes, saying they’re carrying the game while they certainly aren’t, acting more like an obstacle than being of help, swearing and cursing; you get the point. Why can’t we all just be friendly? I think removing the chat option (chatting yourself) and adding more default commands would have effect (“LOL!”, “Go left/right”, “Don’t give up!”; things like that).

Unlucky situations

OK, this is caused by chance more than Rocket League is to blame, but one thing that frustrates me the most is spending a lot of time in the opposing team’s box trying to score a goal, but receiving an against goal, either because of a lucky shot or a counter. Counters are unfair, especially when it’s undeserved.


Alright, those were my reasons why Rocket League sucks. It isn’t my intention to step on any toes, but I want to vent my irritation with the game.

I’m interested to hear what you think! Do you (partly) agree or are you against? Let me know in the comments!


And as always: have a jolly day!

2 thoughts on “Rocket League sucks and this is why

  1. I have to disagree with you on this, Rocket League as a whole is arguably one of the best games the PS4, or PC for that matter, has seen in a long time. I have been playing RL since the very beginning and I have not experienced any type of connectivity issues such as the ones you stated except when PSN or the RL severs go down. 99% of the time, it is smooth sailing as far as getting into a game. There are however some games where I lag more than others, but usually the next game I am back to normal. As far as your opinion on Bad Teammates, you are correct and I have written an article on that very topic myself. These TOXIC players can ruin the great experience RL has to offer, BUT given the right teammate it makes all the difference in the world. The Unlucky Situations you speak of are 1) a part of the game and 2) a cause of bad positioning on the field. You can cut down these unlucky situations by having good field awareness and rotating correctly but there will always be times where counters will happen. That doesn’t make RL a sucky game, it means the people playing are ill prepared to stop it. RL is ALL about what YOU and YOUR teammates can do, if YOU are not good enough, you will lose. It is a game of skill and should be seen as such. Just practice and I am sure you will enjoy it.

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    1. Thank you for you comment, which is very detailed! My post about why Rocket League sucks was meant to shine light on the bad side, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Rocket League. On the contrary; I think RL is a great game, but instead of praising it to the heavens, I want to deal with the negative sides as well. I agree with you on your opinion and I know it’s a game of skill; I’ve played it since it became free on PS Plus, which is quite some time ago. I wouldn’t say I’m the best, but I can certainly hit some aerials 😉

      Have a jolly day!

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