Missed tip #1? Here it is again! Go check it out!

Time for tip number two!

Well, it’s not really a tip. I want to tell you something about getting feedback/critique from others. When you’ve written something and someone reads it, they might or might not like it. Or for example, they dislike a part. The following advice comes in handy in those cases.

I think it’s easy to be led by the opinion(s) of others. You can easily become discouraged and won’t ever finish the piece you were writing, because some thought it sucked. This confirms your self doubt and the piece of writing you spent time on disappears in the bin. Don’t do this.

Every person is different. What works for you, doesn’t work for someone else, but that’s what an opinion is all about. If you like apples, but dislike pears, should you like pears as well just because someone else does like them? No. You’ve got enough brains to distinguish between what you like and what you think works and what doesn’t. When someone tells you something in your story doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t immediately mean it doesn’t work for the rest of the world as well.

However, when thousands of people dislike that one (or multiple) specific part in your story, you might want to rethink/rewrite it..


Alright, have a jolly day!

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