Today I’m going to do something different. You might’ve heard about Alphabet (Google’s ‘mothership’). Alphabet contains a lot of companies like Android, Google, Gmail, Play, YouTube, etc. Each of them operating different projects and activities. No wonder why it has passed Apple as most valuable company. But have you ever heard about the secret projects Google Alphabet is working on? There is a company named GoogleX, which tries to develop projects like that. Self-driving cars, anti-aging biotech, package delivering drones; they’re not really a secret anymore, but who knows what else they’re embarking on?

Today, I’ll be predicting some of Alphabet’s secret projects. We don’t know if they’re true, but who knows; there might be some truth in one of them..


These are being developed by other companies all over the world and there have been robots for ages, but there aren’t real robots. Ones that act as personal assistants, as bodyguards, as domestic workers; whatever. I think, as soon as real competent robots enter this world, a lot of jobs will be taken over. Lots of human chores will be done by robots.

We should keep a close eye on robots and their development; wouldn’t want robots taking over the world (as has happened in dozens of movies and games)..

Teleportation machines

3, 2, 1… ZIP! You teleported from your home to the office, which is twenty miles away in seconds. That would be cool and time saving, right? Well, guess again. Even though it is cool and offers a lot of benefits, I think it also has downsides to it. Think about how it could mess up life on Earth, as we’re actually saying “screw you!” to Mother Nature. I’m not a physicist, so I don’t really know what could be turned topsy-turvy, but I do think teleporting is very dangerous.

Weather machines/domes

They might be developing weather machines; machines that can change the weather (duh). Think about how it could be beneficial for a lot of things, especially tourism: changing the weather in the Alps because there hasn’t been snowfall or making the sun shine when it’s raining in Spain. Again, weather machines could also mess up Earth’s systems, so I don’t know if the benefits surpass the downsides.

They could, however, create so-called weather domes; kind of like the series ‘Under the dome’, which has people trapped in transparant ‘iglos’. These domes could be used to enhance the weather, restricted to a certain area which is placed ‘under the dome’. Who knows..

Genetic enhancement

This one would be really cool, but also very dangerous and not very humane. Think about us being able to enhance our own genes, so we would be able to run twice as fast, regenerate wounds within seconds, enhance our listening sense, smell danger from farther away: the possibilities are endless, but also unpredictable. Who knows how your body will respond to her genes suddenly being adjusted? I wouldn’t like it either if someone gave me a makeover without me knowing..


Alright, those were my ideas which might be secretly developed. Could they be true? Or do they have additions? Tell me in the comments!

And as always; have a jolly day!


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