Here we go, prompt number five. I’m going to try to create some tension in this one. Let’s hope I’ll succeed..

A character goes about their normal, everyday life… except that multiple people say, “Don’t go to school tomorrow.” When pressed, they don’t remember saying it. – Taken from Reddit

“Don’t go to school tomorrow,” the man said. I look him in his eyes while readjusting my glasses. Not even a sorry for bumping in to me. “Eh, ok,” I respond and we both continue our ways. After a while I glance over my shoulder, but the man is gone.

“Hello Mrs. Farsley!” I say. I wave at Mrs. Farsley who’s working in the garden. She doesn’t look up from her crouched position and says nothing in return. I repeat myself and she’s heard me this time. As she looks up at me from under her sunhat I am startled. Her face is pale and she’s got a hollow look on her face. “Don’t go to school tomorrow,” she says with a whisper, without losing eye contact with me for a second. I’m flabbergasted. What is happening? First that strange man and now Mrs. Farsley, who’s always cheerful and happy. She always greets back and invites me for tea. Nothing of that this time. “S-see you around, Mrs. Farsley,” I say. I speed up my pace and continue walking, but I feel she’s still looking at me.

Nobody’s home, so I immediately head upstairs to get my homework done. It’s quite a lot, but after a little short of two hours it is done. I fire up my console and play some videogames, until I hear the car driving up the driveway. I go downstairs and make coffee, so we can have a cup. After a while my mother hasn’t come in yet, so I fill two cups and walk outside. Maybe she’s sitting in the garden. The weather is nice, so she might be expecting us to have a cup in the garden. As I set my first foot outside I notice my mom isn’t in the garden. “Mom? You home?” I say, but I hear no response. I walk to the garage but am shocked at the sight of the driveway. No car. This can’t be, I heard our car driving up. I must be getting crazy. Could be sleep deprivation, the result of finishing a research paper the night before a deadline. I head back inside just in time, because the phone is ringing. “Roy Corndale speaking.”

“Hello?” I say.

Again nothing.

Right before I put the phone down I hear a voice. It’s my mother.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

“Hello, mom? Stop acting so weird and s-…”

“Don’t go to school tomorrow.” As she says that I slam the phone down and wake up.

It was just a stupid dream. A nightmare. I’m drenched in sweat. It’s still dark outside. 04:30, my clock radio says. Good, I’ve still got some hours to go before I have to get out of bed. I think it’s not that big of a problem if I came in an hour later, that way I can get a little bit of extra sleep.. Yawning, I remove the covers and lie down again, falling asleep soon after.

The following morning, an hour later as usual, I head downstairs for breakfast. I hear the TV is on, so my mother is already in the kitchen. “Good morning mom, ho-..” I say, but before I can finish my sentence my mother hushes me and points at the television.

“It’s your school. Someone was murdered.”


(I noticed the story doesn’t reflect the prompt completely, but I hope that’s ok with you!)

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