Yep, another one. But I think it’s still relevant. You hear about it a lot. Movies, series, games, comics, novels; zombie apocalypses have been widely covered. In reality, however, there haven’t been any zombie apocalypses yet, but who knows when it’ll break out; it could strike in a week, or tomorrow!

In this post: how to survive a zombie apocalypse!

They’re zombies

They’re dead undead unliving (?), they can’t be reasoned with. They’re infected with one some kind of virus and the only thing they want is fresh meat. Keep this in mind.

So what do you do when you encounter a zombie?

Exactly, talk run.


What do you do when you’ve been bitten? Well, that’s a difficult one. Chances are you’ll die soon, but when the bite has just happened, amputating the limb that’s been bitten might work or maybe there is medicine available already! Might be wise checking that out before you cut off any limbs..

Aim for the head

Puncturing a zombie’s stomach? Wrong. Removing its arms? Wrong. To kill a zombie, you have to remove the head. Removal can be done by either chopping off the head or smashing the brains, this will ‘render the zombie unable to do any more zombie-ing’.

Remember the following rhyme: “aim for the head or you’re dead.”

Have a base, but be able to move

Some kind of base you can call home is advisable, as you can store equipment and resources. Moving from place to place every day is tiring and depressing. However, you have to be able to move quickly when your base gets raided by zombies/hostiles or there won’t even be a zombie apocalypse for you to survive.

Don’t trust easily

There are other people trying to survive the apocalypse. Everyone has their own motives and goals but everyone has the same thing in common: you want to survive. Some, however, will do whatever it takes to survive, even killing other people to acquire more equipment, resources or take a base. On the other hand, working together might help you survive. I think you should decide in the moment. Assume the best of people, but keep a close eye on them.

Be sparing and stock up

This is an obvious one. You wouldn’t want to be out of resources when you have to survive for an unknown amount of days, would you? Be sure to carry food with you that can last for days, basic medical supplies, convenient things like a pocket knife, a compass, a water bottle, good shoes (because you might be walking great distances), and a weapon. In case you’re thinking of bringing your phone: assume power will be down, so not of much use (bye social media!).

Stay calm and think

Not panicking and thinking rationally can save you. Don’t do stupid, reckless things, but stay calm and think. Goes without saying.

And the final tip..

Watch popular media

This is a pro tip. Like I mentioned before; zombie apocalypses have been covered in movies, series, games, novels, etc so watching those can provide you insight in what it will be like. Lots of tips are covered in the modern media, giving you a head start when a real zombie apocalypse erupts.


I hope these tips will be useful during a real apocalypse. Wishing you the best of luck and survivability!

Have a jolly day!

6 thoughts on “How to survive.. a zombie apocalypse

    1. Haha! Good one. Hmm, I think some kind of World War 3 might be possible, because of all the trouble happening in the world right now. You could also see terrorists as zombies, just as terrifying (and maybe more dangerous)! Besides that, I don’t really know what kind of apocalypse could be possible.. What do you think?

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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of an environmental crisis, escalated from the current situation. I can’t imagine that any sort of government would be able to uphold their authority in such a situation, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah 🙂
        I’ve noticed at lot of people don’t seem to think of that. That’s part of why I started my site- to get the word out there. If you’d be interested in sharing, your thoughts would be welcome

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