Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins

I like that quote. It’s true. Something you don’t have or something you want to achieve can only be reached by going for that thing, be it an object, a prize, a piece of knowledge or a friendship. Whatever it is, it has to be reached and that is done by telling yourself “I want to get there.” You’re at point A and you want to get to point B. Without a goal, you’ll find yourself wandering around, aimless. Goalless. That’s pretty obvious, but it is not less important.

Goals and where they lead you.

You know, setting goals is pretty much a conscious process. You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see (which happens a lot). You’re not as fit as you once were and you want to get back in shape again. You decide to visit a gym and fitness regularly, eventually leading you to a better shape, which in term makes you happier with the way you look. You become happier and more confident. These have big influence on your life to follow, as happiness and confidence are important factors in achieving goals and getting more out of your life.

Setting goals can also happen unconsciously. A random thought that might strike you, for example when seeing something, thinking of something; they can trigger you into setting a goal. You visit a supermarket and suddenly you see a cool car someone’s driving. You might think “I want a car like that.” In order to get a car like that, you have to earn money, save money, not waste it. After a while, you buy a car just like the car you saw and you’ve reached your goal.

Again, this sounds simple but it’s harder than you think. Goals can be small, like “I want an apple”, but they can also be bigger (and harder to achieve): “I want to finish a marathon.” To reach these goals, you have to complete actions, because otherwise you’ll fail. If you’re not in shape and can’t even run for five minutes, how are you going to finish a marathon? Actions to complete this goal could be that you practice running for 30 minutes a day, ride a bike for 10 miles; things like that. In order to achieve goals, you need steps (unless you’re that awesome to achieve goals in the blink of an eye).

The eventual point you’ll reach when you’ve achieved a goal might make you happier, richer, healthier, or whatever. It’s hard to say of course, whether having achieved a goal is good or bad, that’s up to you (and maybe the people around you). If you want to get more out of life, it might be advisable to create goals and (try to) reach them. Otherwise (as I mentioned) you’ll be wandering around aimlessly, not knowing what you want and where you want to go (and eventually end up).

Goals boost you forward. To bring you places you otherwise wouldn’t have come and they help you overcome obstacles in your life. The mountains, which seem impossible to climb can eventually be climbed, after creating steps to climb them. First, from point A to point B and then from B to C; that’s how you climb it. If that ain’t enough; goals help you live life to the fullest (or at least live it fuller). They change you as a person and you can be proud of yourself after you’ve reached the place you wanted to go and your goal is reached. You look back, at point A, and think to yourself:

“now I’m here, at point B. I did this..”

“..and I want more.”

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