I like soccer. I’m not a great fan, I just like it. Especially club soccer, the Champions League specifically. The idea of the greatest and most glorious clubs coming together in an all-out clash of the titans is awesome. Of course, you’ll see the richest clubs are climbing the ranks more than the clubs that have less to spend, but I think you can’t really avoid that. Sometimes I compare this idea to the gladiators from history. Strong and brave warriors fighting each other in an arena, with only one able to be victorious. Of course, in soccer players won’t kill each other (no comment on this one), but it’s cool to think that in the end, there is one team that’s going to be crowned king (just like in other tournaments, duh).

As we speak, Paris Saint Germain is playing against Chelsea, which is a nice match. Lots of big names like Ibrahimovic, Di Maria, Costa, Hazard, and more walking the green field, trying to score goals so their team can move on to the next round (after the returns).

In case you want to watch as well, try looking for a stream, otherwise, hit up a live blog, like this one for example.

As always; have a jolly day!

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