Another post, an update after a new week in England.

I didn’t do much on Tuesday. I did some work for school, like creating a plan of things I still have to do, which is quite a lot. When I get back home, work is far from done!

I also created a budget overview today, because I don’t want to run out of money while I’m here. Life’s pretty expensive in England, mainly because I’m used to the Euro. The British Pound is deceptive and different from the Euro. You might be in the supermarket looking at a product that costs £1, but in Euros that’s about €1,40. This goes even faster with larger sums, like £10, which is already €14. The more you spend, the bigger the difference between Pounds and Euros. Every time you spend money, you’re actually spending more than you know. A thing to keep in mind when visiting England/the UK.

Wednesday wasn’t much different either. I did a bit of school work and watched a movie. Some Sainsbury’s shopping to get dinner. However, we went to a gym to ask if we could help out there and sport at the same time, which was alright with them. It’s about a thirty minute walk from our house which is quite long, but it gets you in shape (as does working out)! We’ll be doing chores like cleaning in exchange for reduced cost for working out.

Thursday also was a day of schoolwork. My research topic and questions were given green light, so I can continue doing research. It was quite hard coming up with a research topic. As I’ve written before, I was planning on doing it about videogames, with the intent of visiting some game studios in the UK and visit gamers, interview them, etc but I didn’t really see any benefit in it. “Why is it relevant to the UK?” was also a question that didn’t feel good about the idea. I really like videogames, but I don’t want to end with a research question like “what will the videogame industry look like in the UK?”, which doesn’t interest me. I’m not interested in economic aspects and views on business models or whatsoever, so I crossed it out.

So here I am, doing research on British rock music; bands from the early eras specifically and what their influence on modern day British culture is. Sweet. I’ve been listening to bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Pink Floyd for a long time. At least since high school, so that’ll be around thirty or forty-so years.

We went to Canterbury on Saturday. I had high hopes for Canterbury, as my knowledge of it was that it would be a city with a great history, which would also reflect in the architecture, which I like. This expectation has half true: we visited the city center, with its shops, stores, streets, buildings, the cathedral, and the MacDonalds (yep, three guys with stomachs). It was nice, seeing the old building styles kept intact in most of the buildings. Canterbury’s center had a nice and cosy atmosphere to it. There were lots of stores, varying from restaurants, bars, and pubs to clothing stores, videogames stores, shops with British souvenirs, etc. The weather was great, until we left the Primark (three guys with stomachs, who won’t say no to cheap clothes): the streets were wet and the rain continued to fall. We decided to stop at the MacDonalds for a second time (no no, this time I only had a hot chocolate.. alright, and a hamburger) and wait till the rain passed by. After a while we headed for the train station again and returned to Deal, where we did some groceries at Sainsbury’s and went back to our little house on the.. side of a road filled with cars because no one has a garage, but that’s ok.

On Sunday, we came out of bed early to take part in a beach clean. We saw the announcement some time ago and thought it would be a nice way to give Deal a hand, get some feel-good points and add some hours to our working total. The weather was ‘meh’; cloudy and some rain, but nothing too intense. Wouldn’t want the beach falling in the water, right? (Get it? No? Well, ok..)  The rest of the day was nice and easy. Very laid-back. I watched some movies and did some work for school. Nothing too exhausting, but still a pleasant day.

Alright, that’s it for now! I’ll peek around the corner with a new update in a while!


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