I’m sure you know what hypes and trends are. They are things (mostly not even physical) that are a big hit at a certain moment, spreading in popularity across the globe like an infection. As soon as it starts, a big chunk of humanity might have already heard about it. At the moment, the so-called “damn, Daniel” hype is trending topic in the world. If you don’t know what that’s about: there was this one guy who has a friend at school called Daniel. This friend of Daniel’s yells “damn, Daniel” at him multiple times and records it via Snapchat. Some people thought it was funny and asked for him to make more clips of him saying “damn, Daniel” with Daniel being filmed. Eventually, it was shared, went viral and before they knew it, it became a massive hype. I saw someone sharing it on Facebook and thought it was funny, even though there isn’t a message behind it or it doesn’t have any useful, valuable, or purposeful meaning behind it or goal in front of it; it’s funny. I saw both guys appear on The Ellen show and was amazed by how fast things like these go. Something becomes popular, it goes viral and immediately the news world covers it and popular shows want the ‘subjects’ of the hype on their shows. Of course, these shows and the news world want to cover the latest and hottest trends, I don’t blame them. This is a dynamic world, not only turning around its axis, but also moving forward like crazy.

The “damn, Daniel” video that went viral (and some other people recreating it):

And their appearance on the Ellen show:

There have been lots of cases where something goes viral (a thing that’s passed on rapidly. Something’s that’s memorable, quick, and fun most of the times. Can be a style, an idea, some kind of behavior, etc.) and it’s widely covered in the media. To name a few examples: Gangnam Style by Psy (a song with a silly dance), the Kony 2012 video, Star Wars kid, and so on.

The influence of these hypes is massive. Foremost, the persons included in the ‘hype’ become famous. Everyone has heard of them. Second, people all over the world start recreating it, making it a ‘thing’. People who haven’t heard of it by now should’ve heard about it. It gets covered in the media, spreading it even faster and making it a big thing. There are also instances where merchandise is made of the hype, having people benefit from it financially. It’s crazy.

Explaining the reasons behind these boosts in popularity are hard. There’s often some kind of hook in them, something that hasn’t been done, something that’s very funny, or something that sticks in your mind. It has a big impact on the emotions we have. Nowadays, people are more sensitive because of these things. This could be due to this world being almost completely digitalized. Social media being rooted firmly in modern day society, the ability to upload and share something within seconds, and us mostly never going offline. We live in an online world and it has never been easier and quicker for us to pick up something as/than before. In the past, the constant connection to the online world wasn’t there, so it was harder for something to get picked up by the masses. The reporting world covered news, but it didn’t quite cover the little things that happened with people, because there wasn’t a link to it. Now, with mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices it’s easier for the people to make the news; create it or get in it.

What do you think of these ‘hypes’, ‘trends’, and things going viral? Is it cool? Is it necessary? Let me know in the comments!

And as always; have a jolly day!


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