I just saw a man get hit by a car, fly up in the air and fall to the ground. Now he lies there without moving. Must be taking a nap. The person who was driving the car is getting out, speeding toward the man on the concrete. The driver bends forward and pushes on the chest of the man lying on the ground. He keeps doing this for some time and then stops. He shouts and cries. I think he’s sad. Mommy comes into the garden, mommy sees what’s happening on the street as well and carries me inside. I say I want to keep playing outside but mommy keeps on telling me I have to play inside. OK, if mommy says so. I play with my police car, on the new carpet we got. My police car used to make the same sound as the siren which I hear outside, but it doesn’t work anymore. Might be because I dropped it from the kitchen table once. It fell to the floor, just like the man outside did. I think that man is a stuntman. I want to be a stuntman when I am bigger.

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