This week wasn’t all that exciting. The first three days of the week were gym days. We worked/trained at the gym; cleaning, mostly, and watched some movies and series afterwards; just sitting back and relaxing.
I went for a run on Thursday and Saturday and the rest of the week was used to work on school. I collected material I’m going to use for my final project (a paper about an actual, English topic), including tallying favourite music genres of Dealers by asking them on the street, visiting a typical record store, and spotting music related advertisements and play bills.
Sunday (yesterday), however, I went for a long walk. A really long walk. I walked twenty kilometers, all the way to the cliffs of Kingsdown and back, as can be seen on the pictures.


It was a nice walk. I left while the sun was fully up and shining, but it became cloudy eventually, I even felt some drops of rain, but fortunately, it remained that way. I saw the white cliffs, which stretch out from Dover to Kingsdown, saw the other golf park as well, walked through Kingsdown itself, which has lots of nice houses, and I got to take some nice photos. On the way back, the last few kilometers were the hardest. My feet were killing me and I had to get groceries first. Also, our house isn’t very close to the supermarket, so you might understand I sat down back at the house first thing.

So there you have it, a short update from the other side of the Channel.

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