Jacob is an ordinary guy. He goes to school, he plays videogames when he gets home and meets up with friends when he’s done gaming. He gets average grades; not good grades, but good enough to pass tests. They say Jacob should step it up because he can do so much better, but he doesn’t feel like it. Jacob doesn’t want a girlfriend. He has never met a girl who he likes more than the average girl. His best friends are Tom and Johnny, who are also classmates of his. Besides playing videogames and meeting with friends, he likes listening to music. Rock music, mainly, but from time to time he listens to electronic music, the kind they play in clubs, with some guy standing behind a counter with one hand on the knobs and the other in the air, making weird movements. Oh, Jacob’s not really an ordinary guy; he’s got superpowers. Jacob can fly.

When Jacob first discovered he had superpowers, he was in physical education class at school. He wanted to show off to his friends by climing in a rope, towards the ceiling and touching it. His teacher told him multiple times to get down, but Jacob was too proud to listen. As he touched the ceiling, he lost balance and grip, having him tumble towards the floor. Everyone screamed and the teacher tried running to the rope to catch him but it was of no use. Jacob fell down on his head. Immediately, his whole class gathered around him and his teacher burst out in tears, but soon after, Jacob stood up and acted like nothing happened. He didn’t feel any pain. He jumped around, cheering at him surviving the was-to-be fatal drop. His teacher and his classmates didn’t notice Jacob, however. They were still bundled together, in complete silence, besides the sobbing and crying, looking at the floor. Jacob didn’t understand. He shouted at them, but no one seemed to listen. As Jacob looked at what everyone was looking at, he saw his body lying on the ground. Flat, still. Not moving. Jacob isn’t alive, he is dead. But he left his body and now he’s a ghost. And ghosts can fly.

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