This week wasn’t all that special. We went to Dover on Monday. Of all the cities we visited, I think Dover was the least appealing one. It didn’t have a pleasant atmosphere to it, which is also due to the buildings having dark materials, which gives the city a grim look. Of course, you’ve got the white cliffs but once you’ve seen them they’re not that special anymore. Besides, I saw them before at Kingsdown.


Eric and Jeffrey arrived on Tuesday after a long trip. They were exhausted, just like we were when we arrived in Deal.


Tuesday till Thursday were workdays, so we spent biggest part of them at the gym. After coming home we sat around for a bit, had dinner and spent the evenings watching films, series, reading, or doing other entertaining but not very productive things.


On Friday, I did some research online about the bands I’m researching and watched a documentary about Queen.


The Saturday was spent by running in the morning and walking around Deal in the afternoon. Sunday was a complete waste to be honest, as I didn’t do a thing.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were routinal; working at the gym, having dinner and spending the evening watching soccer (Champions League of course) and series (I’ve watched a lot of episodes during my time in England already; great way of catching up!)


Well, that’s kind of it for the past week and a few days. Tune in next time for a new update!

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