This week was more of the same. The regular grocery shopping, walks around Deal, and more of the same. I did put a lot of hours into my research and I was able to do some writing. Working at the gym was done on Monday and Tuesday. We packed our things on Wednesday and I took a final stroll through Deal, saying goodbye to the place where we spent more than a month. Yes, we’re leaving. On thursday, to be specific. Money’s running low and there are a lot of expenses to be made in the near future, so I have to watch the pennies!


Today is the day we came home. After a night just like the one we experienced when going to England, we could say home sweet home again. It was a long journey and we tried to kill time by watching movies, listening to music, and looking at the long and winding road, leading home. We left at nightfall and arrived in Groningen when the day had already begun. Students, businessmen and women, and other ones with goals, crawling the place like ants. Business as usual. Quite frankly, I wasn’t that tired back then, but tiredness has caught up with me as the day progressed. Being awake for more than a day and not sleeping when it’s night takes its toll. I don’t want to mess up my sleep pattern, so that’s why I stayed up (I did take a powernap, but that’s because the matchsticks and the tape didn’t work).


The whole experience in England was great. I learnt a lot about the country, the values, the food, the culture and things like that, but I also got to know myself better. I worked on setting goals for the future and reflected on who I am and what I want. The usual things, you know. Important things in life, that kinda stuff. The stay abroad was a nice escape from reality as well. A change of environments, even though the environment I spent my time in wasn’t all that different from the one I’m used to.


Looking back on the stay I can say I left satisfied. I completed the area 100%; I discovered all the points of view and did all the quests I wanted to do. The unfortunate thing is I wasn’t able to see the rest of the UK (the midlands, the north, Scotland, Ireland, etc.), something I wanted to do. The money didn’t allow this, however. You know, health is better than wealth and I didn’t count the money (although I kept a close eye on it), but I made the money count.


I’m content but I’m glad to be (back) home.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed.

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