The British adventure – Part 7

The British adventure – Part 7

This week was more of the same. The regular grocery shopping, walks around Deal, and more of the same. I did put a lot of hours into my research and I was able to do some writing. Working at the gym was done on Monday and Tuesday. We packed our things on Wednesday and I took a final stroll through Deal, saying goodbye to the place where we spent more than a month. Yes, we’re leaving. On thursday, to be specific. Money’s running low and there are a lot of expenses to be made in the near future, so I have to watch the pennies!


Today is the day we came home. After a night just like the one we experienced when going to England, we could say home sweet home again. It was a long journey and we tried to kill time by watching movies, listening to music, and looking at the long and winding road, leading home. We left at nightfall and arrived in Groningen when the day had already begun. Students, businessmen and women, and other ones with goals, crawling the place like ants. Business as usual. Quite frankly, I wasn’t that tired back then, but tiredness has caught up with me as the day progressed. Being awake for more than a day and not sleeping when it’s night takes its toll. I don’t want to mess up my sleep pattern, so that’s why I stayed up (I did take a powernap, but that’s because the matchsticks and the tape didn’t work).


The whole experience in England was great. I learnt a lot about the country, the values, the food, the culture and things like that, but I also got to know myself better. I worked on setting goals for the future and reflected on who I am and what I want. The usual things, you know. Important things in life, that kinda stuff. The stay abroad was a nice escape from reality as well. A change of environments, even though the environment I spent my time in wasn’t all that different from the one I’m used to.


Looking back on the stay I can say I left satisfied. I completed the area 100%; I discovered all the points of view and did all the quests I wanted to do. The unfortunate thing is I wasn’t able to see the rest of the UK (the midlands, the north, Scotland, Ireland, etc.), something I wanted to do. The money didn’t allow this, however. You know, health is better than wealth and I didn’t count the money (although I kept a close eye on it), but I made the money count.


I’m content but I’m glad to be (back) home.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed.

The British adventure – Part 6

The British adventure – Part 6

This week wasn’t all that special. We went to Dover on Monday. Of all the cities we visited, I think Dover was the least appealing one. It didn’t have a pleasant atmosphere to it, which is also due to the buildings having dark materials, which gives the city a grim look. Of course, you’ve got the white cliffs but once you’ve seen them they’re not that special anymore. Besides, I saw them before at Kingsdown.


Eric and Jeffrey arrived on Tuesday after a long trip. They were exhausted, just like we were when we arrived in Deal.


Tuesday till Thursday were workdays, so we spent biggest part of them at the gym. After coming home we sat around for a bit, had dinner and spent the evenings watching films, series, reading, or doing other entertaining but not very productive things.


On Friday, I did some research online about the bands I’m researching and watched a documentary about Queen.


The Saturday was spent by running in the morning and walking around Deal in the afternoon. Sunday was a complete waste to be honest, as I didn’t do a thing.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were routinal; working at the gym, having dinner and spending the evening watching soccer (Champions League of course) and series (I’ve watched a lot of episodes during my time in England already; great way of catching up!)


Well, that’s kind of it for the past week and a few days. Tune in next time for a new update!

The British adventure – Part 5

The British adventure – Part 5

Another week came and passed. This post is later than I planned for, this is due to the internet here not being great, so uploading photos is frustrating.

This week was filled with a bit more variety than previous week. The first days of the week were work days as usual, nothing special. Just walking to the gym, working for a few hours and returning, spending the evening doing not so much (mainly watching series).

We wanted to visit Dover on Wednesday, but the weather prevented us from doing so. At first, we thought the weather was going to be ok, but as we were walking to the station, a sudden monsoon hit us, combined with hail and a bit of snow. Weird. As if we were being told not to visit Dover because some kind of disaster was going to strike there. Nothing happened and the weather was clear the rest of the day, with some sun. What a joke.

I visited London on Thursday. I visited London before in year one of my education, for a whole week so I saw a great Deal (get it? I can’t think of that word normally again) back then, but I wanted to visit London again. The weather forecast said it was going to rain, but fortunately that didn’t happen. Beforehand, I made a list of things I wanted to see and visit, including Piccadilly Circus, the Big Ben, the secret intelligence service headquarters/Vauxhall building (to meet up with my pal Bond), visit the National History Museum, Harrods, and some other things. I’d put on my running shoes, so I was prepared for a day of walking.

London’s still the same as many other metropolises. Of course, they’re different in buildings, sights, economic and cultural influences, but cities like London (Amsterdam for example) are big melting pots, with lots of different ethnicities. Cities that are flooded with tourists. No big deal of course, but if you really want to experience a typical/traditional culture; don’t visit the big cities (even though they try to replicate their culture’s origins).

The sights in London were still the same, besides renovational matters. It was fun traveling by subway again and once you travel by it, it’s easy to understand the system, having you explore the city in a dash.

As I mentioned, I also wanted to visit Harrods. It can be compared to V&D in the Netherlands, but ten times more expensive. They sell lots of different things, from furniture to clothing, and from video games to gadgets, present at different floors. I saw memorabilia of James Bond, soccer teams, and Star Wars, jukeboxes, televisions, ridiculous handbags in different colors, toys for children, and lots of other things, either practical or just stylish. A visit to Harrods is great, but if the symphony of perfumes doesn’t suffocate you, the mad prices will. Understandable why so many rich people visit it; the streets surrounding Harrods were filled with sports and luxury cars (which I took some photos of of course..)

I had a great time and it was nice seeing London again. I would recommend it to people who’ve never been there before, but after being there for a day I’d seen enough, especially combined with my experience from the first year, so I returned to Deal.

Friday was a laid-back day. Doing nothing interesting, except collecting some words for the word file we have to keep and some writing.

I did some work on my final project on Saturday. I finished the tally I started some time ago, about what types of music people in Deal listen to. Besides that, I did some background research on music culture in England. Saturday night (fever) was spent by going out again. We visited two bars, where we drank a few beers and laughed at Brits not being able to understand what we were saying in Dutch. Great fun. There are some British women who’re more like battle-axes than women, we discovered.

I went to church on Sunday. Finally. I wanted to go sooner, but I didn’t, unfortunately. The service wasn’t that different from services I attend back home, kind of a combination of different service types. The church was nice. Historic but with a modern interior touch to it. The service, which included communion was fresh and appealing to youngsters like me. I had a great time. As soon as I entered, I got a warm welcome and immediately befriended people, who were kind and joyful and had nice conversations with them. Church is a great place to meet others who share interests with you.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in England/Deal. We saw storefronts filled with posters and gifts advertising for the day some time ago, and it happened Sunday. I sent my mother a message wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, but she was confused. My family thought I was drunk from going out earlier, but that wasn’t the case. I was proud of myself not forgetting the day this year, but it turned out I was beside the mark. Again.

We’re visiting Dover on Monday. Because we didn’t go earlier this week, we decided to go today. They say Dover isn’t that interesting, but I wonder if I’m of a different opinion. At least they have the white cliffs and a McDonald’s, which might make it worth our while.

That’s it for now. Thank you for wasting your time on this post!


Jacob is an ordinary guy. He goes to school, he plays videogames when he gets home and meets up with friends when he’s done gaming. He gets average grades; not good grades, but good enough to pass tests. They say Jacob should step it up because he can do so much better, but he doesn’t feel like it. Jacob doesn’t want a girlfriend. He has never met a girl who he likes more than the average girl. His best friends are Tom and Johnny, who are also classmates of his. Besides playing videogames and meeting with friends, he likes listening to music. Rock music, mainly, but from time to time he listens to electronic music, the kind they play in clubs, with some guy standing behind a counter with one hand on the knobs and the other in the air, making weird movements. Oh, Jacob’s not really an ordinary guy; he’s got superpowers. Jacob can fly.

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The British adventure – Part 4

The British adventure – Part 4


This week wasn’t all that exciting. The first three days of the week were gym days. We worked/trained at the gym; cleaning, mostly, and watched some movies and series afterwards; just sitting back and relaxing.
I went for a run on Thursday and Saturday and the rest of the week was used to work on school. I collected material I’m going to use for my final project (a paper about an actual, English topic), including tallying favourite music genres of Dealers by asking them on the street, visiting a typical record store, and spotting music related advertisements and play bills.
Sunday (yesterday), however, I went for a long walk. A really long walk. I walked twenty kilometers, all the way to the cliffs of Kingsdown and back, as can be seen on the pictures.


It was a nice walk. I left while the sun was fully up and shining, but it became cloudy eventually, I even felt some drops of rain, but fortunately, it remained that way. I saw the white cliffs, which stretch out from Dover to Kingsdown, saw the other golf park as well, walked through Kingsdown itself, which has lots of nice houses, and I got to take some nice photos. On the way back, the last few kilometers were the hardest. My feet were killing me and I had to get groceries first. Also, our house isn’t very close to the supermarket, so you might understand I sat down back at the house first thing.

So there you have it, a short update from the other side of the Channel.


I just saw a man get hit by a car, fly up in the air and fall to the ground. Now he lies there without moving. Must be taking a nap. The person who was driving the car is getting out, speeding toward the man on the concrete. The driver bends forward and pushes on the chest of the man lying on the ground. He keeps doing this for some time and then stops. He shouts and cries. I think he’s sad. Mommy comes into the garden, mommy sees what’s happening on the street as well and carries me inside. I say I want to keep playing outside but mommy keeps on telling me I have to play inside. OK, if mommy says so. I play with my police car, on the new carpet we got. My police car used to make the same sound as the siren which I hear outside, but it doesn’t work anymore. Might be because I dropped it from the kitchen table once. It fell to the floor, just like the man outside did. I think that man is a stuntman. I want to be a stuntman when I am bigger.