Rocket League – CTB-review

Rocket League – CTB-review

Rocket League is an entertaining game. It requires some getting into, but after a few matches, you have the feel and can estimate where the ball lands and have a feel for the field. There are multiple modi, be them offline or online. You can play in duels (1 vs 1), doubles (2 vs 2), 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 (that one being insane, as there are eight cars chasing a ball). Offline has an exhibition mode and a season mode which allow you to start your dream as a Rocket League pro. Online has unranked and ranked matches, the ranked matches great for practicing against other players, generally a lot better than the AI. As soon as you start playing ranked matches, you have to brace yourself, because there are a lot of good players out there, but becoming better means you should have less trouble with owning them (you’ll even start trying tricks). Having a good, communicating team helps as well. The game also lets you customize your cars with different colours, stickers, wheels, boost types, and even hats and antennas (driving around with a sombrero and a flag is pretty funny). Besides these options, you can also view your (in-depth) stats and the stats of your friends. I often had matchmaking, lag, and connectivity problems, but with some patience, that’s okay. You’ll have the game up and running and joined a match rather fast, so that adds to the fun. I can be fanatical, which sometimes caused anger and irritation when I was losing (which didn’t happen very often, of course..) but that’s a personal issue. Playing with friends is great fun, especially when everybody wants to win. Overall a great game, but it does get a little boring when you’ve played multiple matches, even though there are enough different game types.


+ Lots of fun because it’s simple and gameplay is fast

+ Multiple game types, offline and online

+ High replay value, stays fun


– Connectivity issues

– Having a bad, not communicating team influences the whole game

– Gets boring after playing multiple matches

Rocket Leagues scores a..

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Introducing CTB reviews: no-nonsense and to the point

Reviews can be tedious to get through. Large pieces of text, often filled with nonsense; things that don’t matter: you just want to know why you should get it. With CTB-reviews, abbreviation of ‘Cut the b*llshit‘, I want to offer you reviews that are to the point, without the nonsense.

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