Alphabet’s possible secret projects

Alphabet’s possible secret projects

Today I’m going to do something different. You might’ve heard about Alphabet (Google’s ‘mothership’). Alphabet contains a lot of companies like Android, Google, Gmail, Play, YouTube, etc. Each of them operating different projects and activities. No wonder why it has passed Apple as most valuable company. But have you ever heard about the secret projects Google Alphabet is working on? There is a company named GoogleX, which tries to develop projects like that. Self-driving cars, anti-aging biotech, package delivering drones; they’re not really a secret anymore, but who knows what else they’re embarking on?

Today, I’ll be predicting some of Alphabet’s secret projects. We don’t know if they’re true, but who knows; there might be some truth in one of them..

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Writing challenge: prompted stories

I’m fond of writing. Even thinking about writing, world building, theories, or what have you and my eyes start sparkling. The only problem is that I don’t write very often. I want to write more often, but the result is fine words without any practical content. I often have ideas that (in my mind) are good enough to write a story with, so I expand them, think of more details, create a plot, but I don’t venture further: words on paper. It’s kind of like world builder’s disease; you’ve created such an immersive and thrilling world, but as soon as you want to start writing, the idea is dull. You’ve worked out so many details; as soon as it comes down to writing and making your idea physical, you stop. You don’t want to continue, because the idea isn’t fun anymore and you want to do something else. In other words: I should just write, because actions speak louder than words.


That’s why I want to do the following. I want to write short, prompted stories every once in a while to improve my writing discipline and just “do it”, and to improve my writing skill(s). The stories I write are raw, unedited works, so you might catch me on a grammar, spelling or other mistake once or twice, but the pieces purely intended for my own improval.

However, I would really appreciate your feedback on things like setting, description, flow, etc. So, feel free to critique me 🙂


We’ll see how this goes!

Stories and ideas

Thinking of ideas for a story is hard. Extremely hard. Especially because we live in a society which has lots of innovative things in it, making it harder to come up with new ideas. Original ideas. This is the same with writing. Of course, “a great artist steals”. Using used ideas, that have been turned into books, but giving them a new appearance is a good way of writing a ‘new’ story, but technically, it isn’t original. Even thinking of non-innovative ideas, but with a twist that makes them original, is hard.

Whenever you have an idea and you think it’s new and original: guess again. Your idea has already been taken. Even though some elements might be new, a lot of stuff has been done before. The same goes for music, films, art. Actually, all kinds of creative things. But not only creative things, it also happens in the business world. Companies that already exist, products that are the same, etc. I think it’s even harder in the business world to “steal an idea”, because you can get sued if even a little bit is the same as something that already exists.

So yeah, thinking of original ideas is hard. I had a (in my opinion) cool idea for a series of books, but I found out it already exists, without me knowing about the story beforehand. Quite strange, it looks like some kind of power, being able to think of things that already exist without even knowing about it. Or it is just more proof of a declining amount of ideas (original) in this world.

If someone knows of a method that lets you come up with original, innovative, new ideas, please tell me!

Have a jolly day!