Hypes, trends, and why they are popular

Hypes, trends, and why they are popular

I’m sure you know what hypes and trends are. They are things (mostly not even physical) that are a big hit at a certain moment, spreading in popularity across the globe like an infection. As soon as it starts, a big chunk of humanity might have already heard about it. At the moment, the so-called “damn, Daniel” hype is trending topic in the world. If you don’t know what that’s about: there was this one guy who has a friend at school called Daniel. This friend of Daniel’s yells “damn, Daniel” at him multiple times and records it via Snapchat. Some people thought it was funny and asked for him to make more clips of him saying “damn, Daniel” with Daniel being filmed. Eventually, it was shared, went viral and before they knew it, it became a massive hype. I saw someone sharing it on Facebook and thought it was funny, even though there isn’t a message behind it or it doesn’t have any useful, valuable, or purposeful meaning behind it or goal in front of it; it’s funny. I saw both guys appear on The Ellen show and was amazed by how fast things like these go. Something becomes popular, it goes viral and immediately the news world covers it and popular shows want the ‘subjects’ of the hype on their shows. Of course, these shows and the news world want to cover the latest and hottest trends, I don’t blame them. This is a dynamic world, not only turning around its axis, but also moving forward like crazy.

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Goals and where they lead you

Goals and where they lead you

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins

I like that quote. It’s true. Something you don’t have or something you want to achieve can only be reached by going for that thing, be it an object, a prize, a piece of knowledge or a friendship. Whatever it is, it has to be reached and that is done by telling yourself “I want to get there.” You’re at point A and you want to get to point B. Without a goal, you’ll find yourself wandering around, aimless. Goalless. That’s pretty obvious, but it is not less important.

Goals and where they lead you.

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Only a few more days..

Only a few more days..

..and I’ll be in England, Deal (Kent) specifically. Going to England is part of my education, which requires me to visit an English speaking country, like England, the USA, or Australia. Because of money matters, I’m not able to visit the USA unfortunately, but I’m sure England can offer me a lot of fun and experience as well.


I’ll be conducting research into the topic of gaming (how obvious). The key question I’ll be asking is “what will the future of gaming look like?” I would like to visit some game developing studios in southeast England, in Guildford and London to conduct interviews with developers who have a professional perspective on this matter (and maybe get a tour; how cool would that be!). Besides, I’ll be asking people on the street about their gaming history, habits, and hypotheses.

Of course, there will be lots of sightseeing, manshopping, and having fun, no worries! I’ll keep you updated through my blog, Instagram (proudlyjolly)Twitter (@ProudlyJolly), and maybe I’ll do some vlogging as well! Who knows.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great time abroad! Stay tuned!

And as always; have a jolly day!

Time flies..

..when you’re busy with life. That’s the saying, right?


For the last three months, I’ve been doing my internship at a school, which required me to actively participate and contribute to personal and external growth. I think that sums it up rather well. Besides my internship, I still had to go to school and work, which took a chunk of time as well.


But now I’m back and I hope I will be more active, because blogging is always fun. Every now and then, it could be possible I’ll have to put my blogging adventures on hold, but I hope there won’t be any long term absences anymore.


As always, like ever before;


Have a jolly day!

Childhood memories

Childhood memories

I’m sure we all wonder what became of our childhood. With that, I mean the friends we had; what are they doing now? What do their lives look like? What’s going on in their minds? I like the idea of reunions which you see on TV or read about. Everyone getting back together to talk about the old times, the memories; good and bad. Ok, I’m not old and I’m sure the more experienced in life ones are going to say “whatcha talkin’ ’bout kid? You haven’t lived long enough, son”, but that doesn’t mean we, as (young) adults, don’t ever think about our childhood, the friends we had. Retrieve old memories.

I used to be a different kid. Not really different, as in special, but with different interests and different goals. My friends (I didn’t have many, but I used to spend most time with a few) and I grew apart. They still spend time together, but I went a different way. No problems with that, but sometimes you think what it would be like if you still spent time together. In the end, everybody goes their own way, each with their own happiness and success, but also with difficulties and sadness.

Everybody is writing their own story, with their own characters in it and a unique plot. They drive their story forward as protagonists making decisions. Each and everyone’s story is worth reading, don’t forget that. It’s easy to change someone’s story from a romantic feel good story into a drama; we forget that sometimes..

One day, I will attend a reunion and speak with the persons who took part in my story in the early chapters. They will probably leave the story again, but some might return as side characters, maybe helping the protagonist in his journey to his goal. I’m looking forward to it.