5 useful tips to help you with your writing

There are lots and lots of sources on the internet, in books, in magazines, and other written places that teach and tell you about writing and how to become better at it. In my opinion, articles with “rules of writing” and similar pieces are nonsense. Writing isn’t something in which you have to follow rules, because otherwise you’re going to suck. No, on the contrary. Writing is a craft, an art that lets you do whatever you like to do. Of course, this has to be taken a little lightly, because you can’t just go copying other writer’s stuff or something like that, but it does offer you a world of freedom in which you can let your creative juices and imagination flow.

However, writing tips are something different. They might or might not help you, this differs from person to person. They don’t obligate you to do something or to stick to something. It is up to you how you treat them and what you do with them. I have come across a lot of writing tips. Some of them helped me in my writing, others not so. Again, their helpfulness differs with everybody, but that’s also what makes it fun: the ability to vary and make everyone and everyone’s writing unique!

Ok, no more chatter; on to some writing tips!

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