VST week 1 – Video, Song, Trailer

VST week 1 – Video, Song, Trailer

I thought it would be nice to share some entertainment I found interesting with you. I plan on making this a weekly thing (on thursdays), showing you a cool video, a great song, and an exciting trailer of a movie or a video game.

For this week’s video, I chose ‘Billions in change’, which is a documentary about a billionaire trying to change the world. It’s very inspiring and I hope the changes he’s making have great effect on our struggling world.

The song I chose, is from a Dutch singer-songwriter called Douwe Bob, who gained a lot of exposure during the last couple of years. He’s talented and has a great voice (in my opinion a bit like Elvis meets Sinatra). The song is called ‘multicoloured angels’, which is one of his first.

And finally, the trailer I’m sharing with you (the billions in change video was also a trailer, but hey, first week. That’s ok, right?) is from a movie called Sicario (which means ‘hitman’). The movie is about an infiltration in a Mexican drug cartel, an interesting topic. However, cartels aren’t the only things involved with the bad..

There you have it; week 1 of VST is a fact! See you next time for more entertainment.

Have a jolly day!