Only a few more days..

Only a few more days..

..and I’ll be in England, Deal (Kent) specifically. Going to England is part of my education, which requires me to visit an English speaking country, like England, the USA, or Australia. Because of money matters, I’m not able to visit the USA unfortunately, but I’m sure England can offer me a lot of fun and experience as well.


I’ll be conducting research into the topic of gaming (how obvious). The key question I’ll be asking is “what will the future of gaming look like?” I would like to visit some game developing studios in southeast England, in Guildford and London to conduct interviews with developers who have a professional perspective on this matter (and maybe get a tour; how cool would that be!). Besides, I’ll be asking people on the street about their gaming history, habits, and hypotheses.

Of course, there will be lots of sightseeing, manshopping, and having fun, no worries! I’ll keep you updated through my blog, Instagram (proudlyjolly)Twitter (@ProudlyJolly), and maybe I’ll do some vlogging as well! Who knows.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great time abroad! Stay tuned!

And as always; have a jolly day!