Paris Games Week – Sony press conference highlights

Paris Games Week – Sony press conference highlights

Sony has opened this year’s Paris Games Week with their PlayStation press conference. Normally, they give a huge conference at GamesCom in Germany, but they chose PGW above the German show. Here is an overview of the highlights from yesterday’s briefing.

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Upcoming games: the hype is on!

Upcoming games: the hype is on!

Man, so many games being released in the coming months, there is no end to it! As always, time and money are critical elements in these situations, but hey, I can still watch gameplay vids and Twitch streams to give me the feeling I’m playing the game.. Right? No ok, I just want to play them.. 😥

Here is my list of games I’m really looking forward to!

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Stories and ideas

Thinking of ideas for a story is hard. Extremely hard. Especially because we live in a society which has lots of innovative things in it, making it harder to come up with new ideas. Original ideas. This is the same with writing. Of course, “a great artist steals”. Using used ideas, that have been turned into books, but giving them a new appearance is a good way of writing a ‘new’ story, but technically, it isn’t original. Even thinking of non-innovative ideas, but with a twist that makes them original, is hard.

Whenever you have an idea and you think it’s new and original: guess again. Your idea has already been taken. Even though some elements might be new, a lot of stuff has been done before. The same goes for music, films, art. Actually, all kinds of creative things. But not only creative things, it also happens in the business world. Companies that already exist, products that are the same, etc. I think it’s even harder in the business world to “steal an idea”, because you can get sued if even a little bit is the same as something that already exists.

So yeah, thinking of original ideas is hard. I had a (in my opinion) cool idea for a series of books, but I found out it already exists, without me knowing about the story beforehand. Quite strange, it looks like some kind of power, being able to think of things that already exist without even knowing about it. Or it is just more proof of a declining amount of ideas (original) in this world.

If someone knows of a method that lets you come up with original, innovative, new ideas, please tell me!

Have a jolly day!